Sep 18

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When One Became Two

The clubhouse, Turney Rd

The clubhouse, Turney Rd

Today is a very big day for LLFC.

For the first time in its long, illustrious history (est 2003), LLFC will be fielding 2 teams in the Amateur Football Combination. A big player recruitment drive, coupled with some extremely engaged and generous new partners, has made this possible.

The second XI kick off their season at home today. This is a massive day.

This has been made possible thanks to the spirit and dedication that the founders, Anil Matharu and Tom Greenwood, have given the club over years and years of wins, losses, and broken down cars abandoned at old ignatians away. They’ve grown the club and set the standard from the top: good lads who play football and are absolute NAILS on the pitch. We are LLFC.


Our second team has also been made possible by our excellent sponsors LLFC are delighted to announce the following partnerships:

Porta Wealth Management
Hydrogen Recruitment International
David Harris Physiotherapy

We’re extremely grateful for their support this season – they join the club at an extremely exciting time for LLFC. They have enabled us to field two teams, and run training sessions throughout the season – both are brand new to LLFC.

(More details on these sponsors will be shared soon)

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